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Accelerated flight training for your private or instrument license

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What the Windsong Program Is

Piper Cherokee trainer

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In brief, accelerated training is based on two concepts: immersion training and scenario training. Immersion is the idea that most of us learn best if we focus our energies solely on the task at hand. At Windsong, you will earn your private license in 16 days, from a Friday to the following Sunday a little over two weeks later.

This will require you to fly only three hours a day and spend the rest in study for the written examination and the practical test (check ride). In this period of time, it is easily possible to fulfill the requirements of the license. The instrument license requires at most twelve days, again just a little more than 3 hours actually in the air a day.

Scenario training is a concept recently endorsed by the FAA. Briefly, it is the idea that training individual skills occurs best when contained in a real life task. At Windsong, every lesson is either a cross country trip or a comparable real life task.

You will be prepared to take the written FAA test along with your other preparation, and the fee at the local test center is included in the flat-rate price.

We make our living preparing pilots for the real world of cross country flying, in all weathers and conditions suitable to single engine flying. We spend our time in practical application of the knowledge base of the private and instrument licenses. You will emerge with the tools to be a safe and dependable pilot.