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Buying an airplane

When you get ready to buy a plane, Windsong personnel will come to your location, consult with you as to what make and model to buy, based on your needs, budget, and level of experience. This person will be able to provide immediate estimates on cost of ownership, state of the market, and availability. The consultant will then locate several prospects for you to consider. When you have concluded a tentative agreement with the owner via phone, the consultant will arrange for our expert to go to the plane and conduct a pre-buy inspection, eliminating the prospect of ugly surprises later. The consultant will walk you through the paperwork, arrange for a title check, and in general provide you with a turn-key operation. The cost of this service is dependent on where you live and the number of hours involved but will usually amount to less than $1000. Former clients who trained with Windsong get a large discount.

In addition, using a Windsong consultant carries an intangible advantage. The person you will deal with has a lifetime of flying experience and knows a great deal about single engine aircraft, how they age, what to look for, and what the potential snares are. In spite of the FAA’s best efforts, there are a few models on the market that no one, in our opinion, should consider buying. In addition, the market varies often, and knowledge of the state of the market is essential to getting your money’s worth.

This is not knowledge you can obtain off the web. It requires a life lived inside the personal aircraft portion of the industry. The money to use our service is, bluntly, cheap insurance.


In the event you wish to deliver your old plane, have a new one delivered, or otherwise move an aircraft, Windsong pilots are at your disposal. The cost of this service is remarkably inexpensive, considering that you get professional pilots and speedy service.


No, we can’t do two for the price of one, but two students can go through the program at the same time. The benefits of observing your partner’s lesson from the back seat and then trading about will hasten both people’s progress. You will experience no lessening of personal attention, and the chances of more speedy progress are excellent. In addition, Windsong offers a substantial discount to each candidate if you bring a partner to train with you.