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Costs and Results

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Private License

Fee: The fee is a flat rate which covers all expenses, including flight time, instructor fees, materials, written test fee, check ride fee, texts, headset, etc. In addition, the fee covers lodging and a car if you need one. The fee covers 52 hours of flight time, during which about 80% of students will complete the check ride, using the immersion, scenario based methods of the program. If you need more than 52 hours, the additional hours will be charged at the actual operating cost of the plane, which is $75/hour with no additional instructor fee, (normal hourly fee is $110). $9400

Instrument License

Fee: This is also a flat rate deal, with lodging, a car, materials, test fees, check ride fee, and all other expenses included. The rate also includes 42 hours of airplane time with instructor. As above, if you exceed 42 hours in preparation for the check ride, it is charged to you at $75 per hour with no instructor fee. About 90% of students will complete the check ride in the allotted time. $6600

There is a $500 advance payment due at the time of scheduling your program, and the balance due upon your arrival. In the event you cannot complete the program for reasons beyond your control, the unused portion of your program will be prorated and refunded.

Note: Some students complete the curriculum in more time and some less. For every hour the student completes the check ride successfully less than the specified times above, the company will refund $50 per hour.