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1945 Aeronca Champ For Sale

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For Sale:  $28,900

1945 Aeronca Champ


Gross weight is 1300 lbs. Aircraft qualifies for LSA

This a/c was completed on Nov. 12, 1945.


Aircraft Description: 4975 TT

Good Points

Bad Points


The airframe was stripped down, repaired, and recovered in 1990 as a full restoration. Since then, the plane has been hangered and has good fabric. The logs showed a major overhaul a few hundred hours ago, which proved to be a lie. I had the engine overhauled properly less than 10 hours ago, added a starter and alternator, and we did an extensive annual last year, to include installing the inspection ports in the top of the wing to allow a full inspection of the spar. This a/c is correct mechanically. However, things happen in life, and I am unable to complete the restoration. What the plane lacks is a paint job and a good clean up to be a showgirl.

I will also say that this is a very good flying example of the Champ. She climbs with 2 aboard at an indicated 45 miles an hour and tracks straight in flight. She is easy to land and settles at about 35 mph. I have not spun her or done any aerobatics. The damage history is pretty benign, with only minor repairs over the years.

The paperwork is complete back to the teardown in 1990. The form 337s go way back and show a pretty average history.

I have priced the plane to reflect the recent mechanical work and the good overall condition as well as to reflect the poor paint and average interior. A picture prefect Champ goes for about $36k and a poor one for about $22. I have no hope of recouping my cost of the overhaul, but I hope to sell her for what she is worth. I am open to offers.