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Accelerated flight training for your private or instrument license

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Windsong Aviation Training, Inc, is operated by John E. Bertrand and based in LaFayette, GA, about 20 miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The aircraft operated by the company at this tine is a Piper Cherokee PA-28-150. It is equipped with all digital avionics, including an IFR approved GPS and redundant radios.

Dr. Bertrand retired as Professor of Aerospace at Middle Tennessee State University in 2005, following 30 years as an educator. In 2005-06, he resided in New Zealand, where he was associated with the Quantum Aviation Flight School, a division of the Quantum Learning Corporation. On returning to the US, he founded Windsong Aviation Training, Inc.

John took his first flight lesson in 1966 and has been a pilot for his entire adult life. He is intimately familiar with flying cross country inside the IFR system in single engine and twin aircraft and is an enthusiastic instructor. He is 64 years old and finds aviation to be both a living and an enduring source of fascination. His other avocation is that of a volunteer fireman.